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to 0:22am
Chuck Chicken Book 1

Dr. Mingo challenge Chuck to a great fight competition against his abominate creations
to 0:30am
Toca Life Stories
S1E24 - Road Trip To Paradise

Rita takes her mom on a road trip to remember.
to 0:45am
Zo Zo Zombie
S1E35 - Ping Pong Ding Dong
to 1:00am
Dragamonz Blocks
S1E09 - Dragamonz Part 9
to 1:30am
Chaotic Chapter 2
S1E29 - Chaotic Crisis

Kaz is shocked that creatures from Perim invaded Chaotic and are heding for earth. It seems Ulmar has created a machine has portedt the UnderWorlders to Chaotic. However, his machine causes wormholes to appear through Perim causing the UnderWorlders, the OverWorlders, the Mipedians, and the Danians to appear in Chaotic. Now Kaz must choose to lead the Underworlders to victory or defend his fellow humans.
to 2:00am
Kagagi (French)
S1E09 - Kagagi (French)
to 2:30am
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E09 - Crossnize Star Dragon World!

Gao and Drum chase the Hundred Demon that snatched Tenbu, Dekalfar Demon Swordsman, Heim into Dragon World. While at Dragon World, they come across the fight between Tasuku and Purgatory Knight. After Tasuku defeats Purgatory Knight, Gao told him everything that was happening on earth. Including Gao becoming a Buddy Police Trainee and the Hundred Demons too. The two feel down as they think that they cant become who they aim to be. Instead of becoming someone else, become a stronger version of yourself. Jack says. Thanks to Jacks words, Tasuku stands up, full of excitement.
to 3:00am
Tenkai Knights Book 1
S1E01 - Two Worlds , The Hero, Braven Appears!

Guren is a new student in Benham City. He meets Ceylan and together they visit the mysterious Shop of Wonders owned by Mr. White. Two mysterious items that turn into robots are given to the two teens. Guren dreams about Vilius and Bravenwolfs fight where Bravenwolf is defeated, a dream that Ceylon also shares. Later, the robots come alive and the teens suddenly find themselves on the planet Quarton, in the armor of Bravenwolf, and Ceylon in the armor of Tributon. The battle begins as the two are recognized as the new Tenkai Knights.
to 3:30am
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S2
S2E26 - The End of the Shadow- Part 2

At the tournament, Lokar discovers that it is the Hiverax who have betrayed him. And though he’d like to take back the Kairu Cube and the X-Drive Palladion that is stored within it, the RedaKai say no. The tournament must go on. Furious, Lokar makes an example of the Hiverax – and "deactivates" them! Meanwhile, Ky and Ekayon step inside the cave… and find themselves face-to-face with a prism "guardian" creature. And with no other choice but to battle it, Ky and Ekayon enter the challenge of a lifetime! Back at the tournament, Maya and Boomer begin round two. And just when it looks like they’re about to be eliminated by the Radikor, they both go Platinum -- and end up winning the day and Baoddai’s monster! And when they give it to Baoddai and he returns to normal strength, we soon realize that Lokar is still determined to fight! So Baoddai challenges Lokar to a Master Showdown, fighting Lokar for the cube and for his monster, Drakilar! Back at the cave, Ky and Ekayon look like they’re about to lose their battl
to 4:00am
Dex Hamilton
S1E05 - Family Business

When a long-lost clone of Jenny 10 appears at the Habitat and joins Dex's team, Jenny becomes jealous of this overachieving charmer.
to 4:30am
Got To Go
S1E11 - Battle of the Species

The series focuses on the life of a preteen girl, Maddison Marples-Macintosh, who assumes the role of an online advice columnist on her school's website.
to 5:00am
Talking Tom S1 Part 1
S1E10 - Talking Tom S1 Part 1

Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas, and an unfailing sense of humor, Talking Tom and Friends are on a mission to make their dreams come true. Although things never entirely turn out the way they plan, this incredible group is destined to warm hearts - and break a funny bone or two - along the way.
to 5:30am
Pet Squad Part 1
S1E02 - The Stick Up

When a randomly Superised stick insect called Rhod has Dodge in hot pursuit, Mother Goose spies an opportunity to kidnap the super dog and use Rhod's transforming powers to her advantage. Tricked to transform into a key, gullible Rhod unlocks the door to the Superiser only for Norman to steal it on Mother Goose's behalf. When Rhod recognises his mistake in trusting Mother Goose, he strives to help Pet Squad rescue the Superiser, in return for the chance to de-superise back to his normal pet form.
to 6:00am
Yam Roll
S1E12 - The Yolks On You

Yam Roll tells the story of an exotic land of sushi and how one of its inhabitants, a super-powered cab driver named Yam Roll, braves monsters and bad guys all in the name of unrequited love. Despite being well liked in Happy Kingdom due to his good nature and sweet, root-vegetable flavouring, Yam Roll is still a frustrated guy. Why? Because he is hopelessly in love with the town sweetheart, a spicy tuna roll named Minamiko. With the help of his wise Zen master, Katcho Miso (an old lump of salty bean paste), his sidekick and best friend Ebi-san (a severely hyperactive shrimp), and the rest of his motley maritime crew, Yam Roll's life is always an exciting ride.
to 6:30am
Jack S1
S1E22 - Aliens!

Jack is a fun-loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is the amazing, planet Earth! With the help of his alien dog Rocket and his robotic assistant C.H.I.P., he sets out on a series of fun and daring adventures to learn all about this strange new planet! Showing him the ropes are his three new friends: a nine-year-old boy named Nico, his little sister Sam, and their slacker pal Yoki. Together they help Jack (and us) understand how things work here on Earth...and beyond!
to 7:00am
Blue Fish Nursery Rhymes
S1E27 - Nursery Rhyme Bundle 2

The Shape Song, Five Little Ducks, Baa Baa Black Sheep, If Youre Happy and You Know it, Hickory Dickory Dock, Baby Shark Family Song, A B C Song, Good Habits Song, 10 Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Apples and Bananas Song, A B C Phonics English Song
to 7:30am
Toot The Tiny Tugboat
S1E04 - Toot Keeps Cool

Toot can't wait to hear Mr Chilly's musical chimes, but he accidentally spills oil into the sea in his haste.
to 8:00am
ABC Monsters
S1E25 - Yoyoing Yoga

The ABC Monsters are all in the garden doing Yoga. Well, attempting to do yoga anyway, most of the Monsters are just tangled up and stuck in silly positions. When Brian attempts to count them all he notices that one of the ABC Monster’s is missing, and after a quick check, he discovers its Y-Monster that has gone. King Wordy says that he saw him wandering around the castle looking for string but he couldn’t find any. Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry set off to look for Y-Monster, before long they bump into Yasmin the Yak. She’s making yummy yoghurt but needs some yoghurt pots to put it in. The gang all help Yasmin find the correct sized pots, and she is so pleased that she give them all a pot of yummy yam flavoured yoghurt, and an important clue. The clue leads them to the boat yard where they meet Yvonne. Yvonne has been fixing her yacht, it used to have a big hole in it, but now that the hole has been repaired she can repaint it. Yvonne has red, blue, yellow, black and white paint, but the colour she needs
to 8:30am
Annie & Ben
S1E14 - The Mystery Of The Dragons Pearl

Annie, Ben and Mango help an ancient Chinese magician find his dragon's missing pearl, hidden somewhere along the Great Wall of China.
to 9:00am
Gogo Dino Explorers
S3E22 - Trilobite Can Roll into Balls

The Gogo Dinos hear a cry for help while exploring by the ocean. They find a Trilobite stuck on a cliff! The Trilobite was swept up on the cliff by the waves and separated from his family. Can the Dino Explorers save the day?
to 9:10am
Tina and Tony
S1E36 - Tina and Tony
to 9:21am
S1E12 - Albi
to 9:30am
Abby Hatcher Shorts
S1E03 - Aced It!

Abby and Bozzly make smoothies with Chef Jeff.
to 9:45am
S1E06 - Mofy 6

Mofy 6
to 10:00am
Construction Site S2
S2E13 - Frozen Bozer

It’s very cold today and Bozer reminds the machines to put in their anti-freeze. Trouble is, he’s so busy reminding everyone else that he forgets to put some in himself. Diggs, not wanting Bozer to be embarrassed is determined to put in some anti-freeze without anyone knowing, but sometimes when you’re in a rush, it’s hard to keep a secret.
to 10:30am
Sid The Science Kid Part 2
S1E26 - Hello Doggie!

When Sid hears dogs barking in his neighborhood, he wonders if they’re talking to him. At school, Sid discovers that animals do communicate in lots of different ways, like using body language, making sounds, and barking!
to 11:00am
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss S1
S1E08 - Mrs. Zabarelli

Mrs. Zabarelli has been in charge of the town's Jingle Day Pageant for 49 years, but this year, she's put the show in the hands of her young student, Annie DeLoo. One by one the frustrated cast leaves until only Annie, Horton the Elephant and his son Morton are left to put on the pageant and make the sun rise on Jingle Day.
to 11:30am
The Animal Show With Stinky & Jake S2
S2E06 - Hippopotamus / African Buffalo

Stinky and Jake welcome a Hippo and a Buffalo to the show. Both of these animals are very dangerous—Stinky and Jake will need to be careful!
to 12:00pm
S1E06 - Try & Try Again / No Bath for Me

The Pajanimals are excited to have their first baseball practice tomorrow morning, but Apollo is nervous because he isn’t sure if he’ll be good at baseball. / Cowbella can’t sleep because she’s itchy from not taking a bath, so the Pajanimals travel to The Big, Blue Sea.
to 12:30pm
The Game Catchers
S1E20 - The Fruit-Filled Planet / It Takes Teamwork

The Game Catchers are a team of five friends on an interstellar journey to explore fantastic planets, with the aim of learning about and playing new games. The discovered games are collected into a database to make sure they are never lost.
to 1:00pm
Buzz Bumble Part 1
S1E02 - Channel Surfer

Buzz and Joe become obsessed with a computer game that almost wrecks the show.
to 1:30pm
Chuck Chicken Book 1

Dr. Mingo`s plans to steal the mysterious blue stone from the National Museum. To achieve it, he send his villain penguins Pen and Guin. Chuck and his gang will try to frustrate Mingo`s evil plan, but at the end, the bad guys get the stone and kidnap Flick. Once in the laboratory, Mingo transforms the stone into a controllable cloud thanks to his gadgets. Pen and Guin will travel through the City and use its storm lights to destroy and rob all kinds of building, meanwhile Mingo tries to persuade the caged Flick, to be his girlfriend. At the end Chuck will use his amazing powers to rescue Flick and give Mingo`s gang a painful lesson.
to 2:00pm
Pet Squad Part 1
S1E02 - The Stick Up

When a randomly Superised stick insect called Rhod has Dodge in hot pursuit, Mother Goose spies an opportunity to kidnap the super dog and use Rhod's transforming powers to her advantage. Tricked to transform into a key, gullible Rhod unlocks the door to the Superiser only for Norman to steal it on Mother Goose's behalf. When Rhod recognises his mistake in trusting Mother Goose, he strives to help Pet Squad rescue the Superiser, in return for the chance to de-superise back to his normal pet form.
to 2:30pm
BatPat Chapter 1
S1E12 - Eye of the Beholder

After several shops in Fogville are ruined the night before Valentine’s Day, Rebecca is convinced there’s a Valentine’s Day creature that wants to ruin Valentine’s Day. But it ends up being an ogre named Grundulla that wants a makeover for her big Valentine’s Day date with an ogre from across the swamp. Joined by Natty, the kids and Bat Pat do their best to give Grundulla and awesome makeover, but the ogre is unhappy with the results. When Grundulla falls in the mud and likes how it makes her look, the gang realizes that Grundulla, being an ogre, has a very different idea of beauty from theirs. They give the ogre the perfect makeover by covering her with mud, bugs, sludge and messy makeup just in time for her big date.
to 3:00pm
Raven Tales
S3E06 - The Games

Raven, Eagle, Wina and Qos are out fishing when they become ensnared by a storm and blown far out to sea, finally coming to rest on a strange island.
to 3:30pm
Oh Yuck
S1E02 - Pimple Fever

When Septico's long lost brother comes to visit, he's repulsed by the grossness of the Yuck Lab - until he accidentally gets turned into a poop loving housefly.
to 4:00pm
S1E07 - Voodoo Shampoo

Today, Soper's lecture is on voodoo. Macbeth, who has wire-tapped his class, cocks an attentive ear. Bewitching students in order to control them? Now, there's an intriguing idea! A group of very diverse and different kids must join together to form a secret group in the hopes of stopping the everlasting evil of their teacher.
to 4:30pm
Tales of Aluna
S1E12 - Catch the Wind

When a musician and his entourage crash land on a secret, magical island, its guardians ALUNA and BARABAJAGAL must balance the impact of the human visitors on their island with their love for these new friends.
to 5:00pm
My Goldfish is Evil
S2E10 - Basketboom

Beanie accidentally sprains Elwood's wrist, meaning the school's star basketball player will have to sit on the bench for the big game. Feeling guilty, Beanie agrees to fill in for him-despite the fact that he's terrible at basketball!
to 5:21pm
Talking Tom S1 Part 2
S1E32 - Angelas Secret

Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas, and an unfailing sense of humor, Talking Tom and Friends are on a mission to make their dreams come true. Although things never entirely turn out the way they plan, this incredible group is destined to warm hearts - and break a funny bone or two - along the way.
to 5:30pm
Toca Life Stories
S1E23 - Disco Dad

As the gangs newly formed band prepares for their first practice, they draw inspiration from Leons dads musical past.
to 6:00pm
Dragon Force S2
S2E02 - Mathematics - A Giant Challenge

Warriors from the the future known as the Dragon Force train young Lucas into the greatest hero on Earth - Defeating monsters in order to stop the great Skynet conspiracy.
to 6:30pm
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E23 - Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
to 6:45pm
Zo Zo Zombie
S1E61 - Birthday Surprise (tentative title)
to 7:00pm
Dragamonz Blocks
S1E05 - Dragamonz Part 5
to 7:30pm
S1E04 - Rite of Passage

Matt must undergo a ritual to seal his commitment to the role of Kagagi, or lose his powers forever.
to 8:00pm
Chaotic Chapter 2
S1E36 - Dual, Duel Part 2

Tom and Kaz are about to scan the fabulous Phobia Mask, when Krystella and Klay stage an ambush in Khybon's Forge. The dastardly duo walk away with the only two scans of this cool new Gear. Determined to set things right, Tom and Kaz challenge their adversaries to a four-way match! If our heroes win, Krystella and Klay with turn over the scans--but if they lose, Tom and Kazs will lose their most valuable cards! so Tom is Maxxor and Kaz is Chaor vs Klay as Lord Van Bloot and Krystella as Marquis Darini. The battle against Krystella and Klay continues, with Tom and Kaz close to collapse. After the boys pull out a win, Krystella and Klay back out of their deal. It seems the terrible twosome will get away with their wrongdoing until they run into a hypnotic Creature named Opto!
to 8:30pm
Future Card Buddyfight X Pack 2
S1E32 - The Demon Sword Draws Near! Keisetsus Overkill!

Zanya and Jin put it all on the line in a Katana World semifinal showdown hoping to advance to the A.B.C. Cup main event; Gao and the gang search for Akatsuki, as he may hold a clue to Genma and Doai's whereabouts; Sophia reveals a truth.
to 9:00pm
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E08 - The Demon Swordsman Draws Closer! Tenbu Abducted!

In order to steal Tenbu, Ikazuchi sends out a new Hundred Demon named Dekalfar Demon Swordsman, Heim. Heim takes Baku and Kuguru as hostage, and demands for Gao to hand him Tenbu in exchange. While Gao was thinking about what to do, Tenbu changes into his card form and goes into Heims hand himself. Having gotten Tenbu, Heim escapes. Baku and Kuguru are manipulated by the Hundred Demons and attack Gao.
to 9:30pm
Tenkai Knights Book 2
S1E49 - A New Element, The 5th Tenkai Knight

Villius has an idea of how to find the Tenkai Stone: he will let the knights find it for him and when they use it to open the fortress, He and his corrupted soldiers will attack. Dromus appears and challenges Villius to a battle. Despite his best efforts Dromus loses and he escapes. Meanwhile Kiro who was playing with her toys, finds the Tenkai Stone and remembering what Beni told her about it being a lucky charm decides to fulfill her promise to her and give it to Guren. When the Guardians attack the Tenkai Fortress the knights show up to try to defend it. Dromus appears and fights the guardians but they easily defeat him and mock him for fighting alone. Bravenwolf and the others defend Dromus and he realises that he needs his friends. Working together the knights defeat the Guardians and drive them away from the fortress.
to 10:00pm
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S2
S2E23 - Battle of the Hiverax

The Hiverax battle team Stax but the Kairu deposit drops into the river and two of the Hiverax jumps into the river to go after it, leaving Hexus to deal with Team Stax. When Maya hit Hexus with an attack, he falls into a trans like state with his eyes glowing red. Team Stax bring him onto the X-Scaper in order for Master Baoddai to take a look.
to 10:30pm
Dex Hamilton
S1E18 - The Long Journey Home

When Tung takes the team to visit his home planet of Swamp Star-46, he must assume a leadership role in protecting his village from a swarm of whip-tail wasps.
to 11:30pm
Chilly Beach
S1E16 - Secret Santa

When Santa decides he needs a break from his duties, he comes to Chilly beach and hangs out with Dale. With the holidays fast approaching it is up to Frank and Dale to help Santa get back on track and save Christmas.
to 0:00am
Maple Shorts
S1E13 - Maple Shorts

Maple Shorts is hosted by a goose and a salmon. Canuckles is a cranky, conceited Canadian goose who wanted to direct but settled for being a critic instead. Sela the salmon is Canuckles' bubble-headed, sweet-natured co-host. Together, they critique each short film produced by Canadian animators which airs on the program.