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to 1:30am
Chilly Beach: The World is Hot Enough

Dale wonders why no one ever visits Chilly Beach, and realizes that it's due to the cold climate. Thus, Frank invents a super heater to warm Chilly Beach up. When the U.S. learns about it, they steal it and accidentally use it to destroy the planet. Frank and Dale must travel back through time to undo the damage.
to 2:00am
Tenkai Knights
S1E18 - The Key to Evil, Activate! XX-Mode!!

Beni tricks the Knights to travel to Quarton into a trap. Another Guardian named Eurus appears to be helping her and Gen to keep balance because Boreas is helping the Knights. The Knights on Quarton have to battle evil clones of themselves created by Eurus. Meanwhile on Earth, Gen begins to get suspicions of Mr. White. The Knights unlock Titan Fusion and tributan destroy the clones.
to 2:30am
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E04 - Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
to 3:30am
Chilly Beach
S1E06 - Power Pray

Dale becomes coach of the Pee Wee Hockey Team when Jacques gets injured.
to 4:00am
Yam Roll
S1E04 - Doozy Of a Doze

Yam Roll tells the story of an exotic land of sushi and how one of its inhabitants, a super-powered cab driver named Yam Roll, braves monsters and bad guys all in the name of unrequited love. Despite being well liked in Happy Kingdom due to his good nature and sweet, root-vegetable flavouring, Yam Roll is still a frustrated guy. Why? Because he is hopelessly in love with the town sweetheart, a spicy tuna roll named Minamiko. With the help of his wise Zen master, Katcho Miso (an old lump of salty bean paste), his sidekick and best friend Ebi-san (a severely hyperactive shrimp), and the rest of his motley maritime crew, Yam Roll's life is always an exciting ride.
to 4:30am
Pet Squad
S1E14 - Saving Pepe

Mother Goose captures Pepe, Pet Squad's robotic butler and demands that Pet Squad halt their crime fighting or they'll never see him again. With Pet Squad under control, Mother Goose paves the way for the construction of Gooseland but when Pet Squad receive a further demand to supply Mother Goose with the pony she's always wanted, Sheeba hatches a plan to save Pepe and restore their superhero status.
to 5:00am
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu
S2E09 - &quot;Shadow of the Radikor&quot;

Team Radikor obtains new monsters and battle Team Stax.
to 5:30am
S1E14 - The Lost Laugh

Paper springs to life on the amazing Planet Origami! This is home to an awesome community of origami animals known as Origanimals®. Ryan Rhino, Fiona Fox, Zoe Zebra and Khye Koala form a wildlife rescue team – the “Awesome Four” or the “A4″. In a rescue mission, they’ll glide and hop on to a big condor that will fly them to the locations around the world. Being awesome, the A4 uses problem-solving skills and creative origami solutions to help others in need.
to 6:00am
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu
S2E10 - Vision of Catastrophe

Maya has a vision with Team Hiverax reporting to a strange figure that looks like Lokar. Could her vision be correct? Is Lokar still out there?
to 6:30am
S1E16 - Aloha Birthday, Catch a Falling Star

Every year, Fico finds his birthday gift and wrecks the surprise. So they decide to keep Fico too busy to snoop! They set off to HAWAII where they can ski and surf in the same day! Thanks to some mishaps, the party transforms into a Hawaiian luau. / When Anabella reads about 'wishing on falling stars', she wishes one would fall near her, so she could see it. Doki isn't sure that's possible. Is there really such a thing as a 'falling star'? To find out, they fly to PUERTO RICO, home of a powerful radio-telescope.
to 7:00am
The Hive
S1E60 - Rainy Day Fun

Buzzbee and Barnabee accidentally make the sign dirty, which causes the Queen Bee's car to be stuck in a puddle.
to 7:30am
S1E24 - The Ends of the Earth, A Run of Bad Luck, Gastronomy, Houdinis Secret

The Ends of the Earth, A Run of Bad Luck, Gastronomy, Houdinis Secret
to 8:00am
Wonderballs! Lets Get Rolling!
S1E13 - Out of the Shadows

A strange shape draws the attention of Creon and Spencil. As they trace it, theyre shocked to discover its a shadow. This inspires the Wonderballs to experiment and they quickly learn that interesting things come out of the shadows.
to 8:30am
Dive Olly Dive

111: SKID’S STUFF: Skid has a hard time keeping up with his friends, until Luseal takes him under her wing and helps him out. Skid remembers this kindness when Luseal gets herself trapped in a fisherman’s drag net in Dark Bay and, despite his fears, he joins in to help with her risky rescue. 112: GRANDPA CLAUDE: Olly and the gang rescue a very old lobster, Grandpa Claude, from a lobster trap. They learn that he is about to celebrate his 100th birthday and work to deliver him to the celebration being thrown on his behalf, but it won’t be easy!
to 9:00am
Gogo Dino Explorers
S3E24 - Gorgonops, the Ancient Reptile Leader

The Gorgonops are holding a competition for their new leader, testing three skills: physical strength, voice strength, and a competition of wits. Unfortunately, in the final leg of the competition, it began to rain hard and the river overflowed again, bringing the gathered Gorgonops into danger!
to 9:30am
S1E19 - Mofy 19

Mofy 19
to 10:00am
S2E07 - Cute Little Teleportation, Multi Cook

In this episode, kids learn about bound particles and quantum teleportation.
to 10:30am
S1E21 - Smighties
to 11:00am
Talking Tom
S1E29 - Tennis Kid
to 11:30am
Got To Go
S1E08 - Breaking Up is Hard 2 Do

The series focuses on the life of a preteen girl, Maddison Marples-Macintosh, who assumes the role of an online advice columnist on her school's website.
to 12:00pm
S1E16 - Ego Ergo

Invisible Network Of Kids 16 - Ego Ergo
to 12:15pm
Toca Life Stories
S1E18 - Croquet Cook Off

Nari has a secret sous-chef weapon as she demonstrates her culinary expertise in a cook off with the Krill Grill chef.
to 12:30pm
Abby Hatcher Shorts
S1E10 - The Seven Second Challenge

Abby and Bozzly do a Quickie Challenge contest.
to 1:00pm
Camp Bonkers
to 1:30pm
S2E26 - Feeling Blue

Jack is a fun-loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is the amazing, planet Earth! With the help of his alien dog Rocket and his robotic assistant C.H.I.P., he sets out on a series of fun and daring adventures to learn all about this strange new planet! Showing him the ropes are his three new friends: a nine-year-old boy named Nico, his little sister Sam, and their slacker pal Yoki. Together they help Jack (and us) understand how things work here on Earth...and beyond!
to 2:00pm
My Goldfish is Evil
S2E11 - My Goldfish is Evil

The series follows the adventures of 11-year-old, Beanie, and his pet goldfish, Admiral Bubbles. The superintelligent anthropomorphic goldfish has dreams of bringing a reign of terror on the city and of world domination. Frequently, he escapes from his bowl in his attempts at mischief. With Beanie's mother always failing to believe him, Beanie must save the world himself.
to 2:30pm
Jar Dwellers
S1E08 - Water Logged
to 3:00pm
Wild Grinders
S1E117 - Goggles Shrunk the Grinders, Out of Tune
to 3:30pm
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E04 - Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
to 4:00pm
Pet Squad
S1E18 - Maybe Mayor Maybe Not

Mother Goose kidnaps Mayor Matthews and forces her to announce her resignation. Mother Goose puts herself forward as the best new candidate for the job and uses Rosilla the Invisible Gorilla to create a distraction for Pet Squad, so they're off her back while she gets on with the business of taking over P-Town.
to 4:30pm
Monster by Mistake
S3E24 - The Invisible Man

Warren’s fears are realized when an invisible man kidnaps him – and the Jewel – to Fenrath. It’s up to the kids and Johnny to get the Jewel back, as well as escape the clutches of the invisible man.
to 5:00pm
King Arthurs Disasters
S1E26 - Tournament of Terror

Believing that her Father has offered her hand in marriage to the winner of the Annual Camelot Tournament, Princess Guinevere begs Arthur to enter and win as, given the choices, she'd rather marry him. Merlin convinces Sir Margaret to train Arthur in the martial arts and after a series of painful mishaps declares him as ready as he'll ever be. With some help from Merlin's magic, Arthur defeats Sir Martyn in hand to hand combat, Robin Hood and William Tell in the archery contest and Sir Launcelot and Sir Margaret in the joust. Guinevere's father awards the King his most prized possession - a champion Hereford Bull.
to 5:30pm
Tenkai Knights
S1E21 - Checkmate, Decisive Fight! Intellectual Battle

Gen attempts to shatter Chookis confidence and make him the weak link among the Tenkai Knights.
to 6:00pm
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu
S1E24 - The Spreading of the Shadow

Ekayon will visit Team Stax and will help his friends to defeat Team Imperiaz and Team Radikor,but they will discover a scaring thing: the pure Kairu is turned into Shadow Kairu, because of a machine, created by Lokar. After they will return to the monastery, Ky will hear about a place, which contains the antidote for Shadow Kairu. So, he immediately goes to find it, but he doesnt know that Ekayon joined him.
to 6:30pm
Skunk Fu!
S1E49 - The Art of Remembering

Deep in a dark icy lake, in a high snowy mountain, a terrible dragon is determined to destroy the world he used to protect. The animals of the valley below, led by Panda, know only a miracle can save them. But they didn’t expect it to come in the form of a skunk – delivered to China by a stork who mistook took him for a baby panda. Could Skunk be the answer to the animals’ prayers, and see off the dragon and his ninja monkey? Wise old Master Panda must train the tiny paws of his kung-fu student to turn him into a real martial artist – or will Skunk’s cheeky impatience and love for an adventure drive Panda mad? Only time and a whole lot of crazy capers will tell if Skunk is up to the job…
to 7:00pm
Oh Yuck
S1E04 - Dirty Rotten Birthday Girl
to 7:30pm
Talking Tom
S1E46 - Poker Face
to 8:00pm
King Arthurs Disasters
S1E01 - Splinters in the King

The ears of the people of Camelot are at the mercy of Princess Guinevere's terrible drumming. King Arthur visits her and offers to buy her lessons, however she's not convinced she needs any. Knowing he'd do literally anything for her she manages to turn it around and Arthur gets tricked, into getting her a Branch from the Singing Oak Tree. In the meantime Merlin is at war with a couple of squirrels, leaving Arthur to accomplish this quest on his own. However, he finds the task difficult as the Oak Tree is being protected by Robin Hood and his merry men and women.
to 9:30pm
Chilly Beach: The World is Hot Enough

Dale wonders why no one ever visits Chilly Beach, and realizes that it's due to the cold climate. Thus, Frank invents a super heater to warm Chilly Beach up. When the U.S. learns about it, they steal it and accidentally use it to destroy the planet. Frank and Dale must travel back through time to undo the damage.
to 10:00pm
Chilly Beach
S1E14 - Hollywood Far North

A movie director plans to blow up Chilly Beach as a special effects spectacle.
to 10:30pm
Best Ed
S1E47 - Ed for Sale

The series chronicles the adventures of an excessively helpful and enthusiastic dog named Ed and his best friend, Doug the squirrel and soldier, whom everyone calls "Buddy" because Ed refers to him as best buddy. They live in their fictional hometown of Swellville.
to 11:00pm
Chilly Beach
S1E15 - Secret Santa

When Santa decides he needs a break from his duties, he comes to Chilly beach and hangs out with Dale. With the holidays fast approaching it is up to Frank and Dale to help Santa get back on track and save Christmas.
to 11:30pm
Tenkai Knights
S1E22 - Dromus Betrayed, Venettas Betrayal

Venetta and Dromus appear to have a falling out, later Beni reveals her identity as Venetta to Guren and the others. Meanwhile, Boreas and the other Guardians engage Vilius and the Corrupted in a battle to protect the portal to Earth.
to 0:00am
Future Card Buddyfight X
S1E60 - See You Again! Mighty Sun Fighter Forever!

The finals of the GGG Cup comes to a close! Tasuku has released Jackknife "Granthese" against Gao. However, Gao doesn't give up and fights back with his own powerful card.