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to 1:29am
Stan Lees Mighty 7

Stan Lee encounters a group of actual aliens and teaches them to be a team of superheroes, using their "actual" exploits as comic book stories.
to 1:59am
Tenkai Knights Book 1
S1E20 - Double Crossed, The Mysterious Gen

Ceylan has a run-in with Gen. When on Quarton, the Tenkai Knights do battle against some of Dromus experiments. Meanwhile, Vilius furthers his plans to absorb the Tenkai Dragons Tenkai Energy. At the same time, the Guardians meet to discuss the recent events.
to 2:29am
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E08 - Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies

Sindbad is the emissary of the Galactic Emperor, but he doesn't seem himself and his odd behavior is out of character until an encounter reveals all. Education: Always be yourself and try to be good to the people around you.
to 3:30am
Chilly Beach
S1E10 - The Chilly Beachcombers

Dale is excited that he will be able to watch the "missing" episode of his favorite show "The Beachcombers", but after he misses his chance to see it he discovers that it will be later showing in Iceland.
to 4:29am
Yam Roll
S1E10 - Secret Roommate Man

Phil the spy asks Yam Roll to put his cousin up for the night. However, he neglects to tell Yam Roll that his so-called cousin is at the center of a super-secret spy war.
to 4:59am
Pet Squad Part 1
S1E18 - Maybe Mayor Maybe Not

Mother Goose kidnaps Mayor Matthews and forces her to announce her resignation. Mother Goose puts herself forward as the best new candidate for the job and uses Rosilla the Invisible Gorilla to create a distraction for Pet Squad, so they're off her back while she gets on with the business of taking over P-Town.
to 5:29am
Origanimals Book 1
S1E18 - Just Enough Puff

Help a dingo balance his needs to sing with the needs of the neighbors that he's driving crazy to have peace and quiet. There is a time and place for everything.
to 5:59am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E03 - Babees Room

Rubee and Buzzbee are excited about the new arrival of their little sister Babee, but they argue over whose room Babee should share.
to 6:29am
S1E18 - Team Tenderfoot, Dokis Egg Experiment

Gabi and Doki love playing 'Wild West' so they head to COLORADO, USA, where a real 'cowgirl' gives them a chance to spend the day working as real ranch hands! With teamwork they stop a runaway chuckwagon and realize what makes a 'real' cowboy. / One hot day, Gabi jokes that it's 'hot enough to fry an egg on the sidewalk', and Doki's ears prick up. Could we really fry an egg on the sidewalk? Curious, they try it - and fail. But Doki thinks it might work, if they were in the place on earth that's closest to the hot sun. So they fly off to CHIMBORAZO, EQUADOR!
to 7:00am
Gogo Dino Explorers
S3E02 - The Odd Egg

Ping finds a big egg during his morning patrol, which he brings back to the base to keep it safe. At night, when everyone is sleeping, the egg begins to hatch! What kind of dinosaur will it be?
to 7:29am
My Pet Alien
S1E08 - The Great Movie Massacre, The Day that Wouldnt End

Tommy tries to make a movie about his home, the lighthouse. Tommy hopes that the movie will be a success. Tommy has a bad day and the aliens make an invention to stop bad days by repeating the day over.
to 7:59am
S1E26 - Real Values, In Pursuit of Happiness, The Labyrinth, Why Do We Need Friends?

Real Values, In Pursuit of Happiness, The Labyrinth, Why Do We Need Friends?
to 8:29am
Jack S1
S1E02 - Bad Hair Day

Nico and Sam try to impress their parents by behaving. Jack feels that their new haircut is what led to their weird behavior and tried to fix them.
to 9:00am
Annie & Ben
S1E12 - The Mystery On Treasure Island

Annie finds half of a treasure map and she, Ben and Mango meet up with Captain John -- who has the other half of the treasure map. Together they go looking for a pirate's treasure chest.
to 9:30am
Chuck Chicken Book 2

Dee plots to steal the world's largest diamond from the island museum.
to 9:59am
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E21 - Farewell Star Guardian Jackknife!

Farewell Star Guardian Jackknife!
to 10:29am
My Goldfish is Evil
S2E13 - 20,000 Leagues Under the Fishbowl

An impending ecological disaster involving a sunken oil tanker on the lip of an underwater volcano sends the city into a panic. Nia's uncle Captain Abbott is to lead an submarine mission to raise the tanker before it can explode. But things take a strange twist when Admiral Bubbles uses a home-made device to switch his brain into Beanie's body, and vice versa!
to 11:00am
S1E18 - Mission: Forgotten?

Macbeth has found a way to unmask Zero and Vin as members of INK! And she's making them pay for their membership in the organisation! A group of very diverse and different kids must join together to form a secret group in the hopes of stopping the everlasting evil of their teacher.
to 11:29am
Talking Tom S1 Part 2
S1E33 - Jetpack Ninja

Ginger disturbs Tom and Ben over their jetpack invention, while Angela works on a jetpack-related song. After watching a "Kid Ninja" episode, and learning that Hank had trained as a ninja, Ginger learns from Hank to be a ninja. But when Tom and Ben pick Angela to test the jetpack, Ginger ignores his self-control and steals the jetpack to the gang's dismay.
to 11:59am
S2E09 - Null Hypothesis, A Second Before

In this episode, kids learn about practical science and the Null Hypothesis.
to 12:09pm
Paw Patrol Shorts
S1E02 - Charged Up Pups vs A Copy Cat Marshall

Its up to Charged Up Mighty Marshall to clear his name when Copy Cat steals Marshalls vehicle and impersonates him, melting everything in his path with his heat paw power! 
to 12:15pm
Toca Life Stories - Shorts
S1E25 - Rita on Time

In an attempt to take a stand against authority, Rita ends up taking a seat.
to 12:30pm
Abby Hatcher Shorts
S1E04 - Awesome Adventure Race!

Abby sets up an amazing obstacle race.
to 12:59pm
Jack S3
S3E04 - To the Moon

Jack is a fun-loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is the amazing, planet Earth! With the help of his alien dog Rocket and his robotic assistant C.H.I.P., he sets out on a series of fun and daring adventures to learn all about this strange new planet! Showing him the ropes are his three new friends: a nine-year-old boy named Nico, his little sister Sam, and their slacker pal Yoki. Together they help Jack (and us) understand how things work here on Earth...and beyond!
to 1:30pm
Camp Bonkers World!

It's What-A-World at Camp Bonkers!! Today, Camp Counselor Ana is going to talk about all the ways bees help our planet, plus build a bee garden! - If you want to create your own bee garden at home, grab these items and follow along: - An empty jar or container of any kind that's around your house (*hint - check your recycle bin) - Old newspaper or any recycled materials (to keep your space clean) - Any flowering plant (talk to an adult or parent to help with this step) - Soil - Natural decor (pinecones, driftwood - you name it!) - Garden Spade or Spoon - Rocks for soil drainage - Your favorite decorations for the outside of your container (eg: paint, stickers, glitter!) While you're making your bee garden, join Cupcake and Camp Counselors Ana and Maria as they plan an Animal Party and learn more about what animals like to eat!
to 2:00pm
Oh Yuck
S1E06 - Enter the Toothworm

Septico tries his hand at wormcharming and Pristine hides a toothache when their dentist Aunt comes to visit.
to 3:00pm
Jar Dwellers Semester 1
S1E14 - Pest In Show

Sophie risks the Jar Dwellers when she enters them in Van Riceberger's Pet Show trap.
to 3:30pm
Got To Go
S1E10 - Group Effort

Maddie tries to keep a band together.
to 4:00pm
Wild Grinders
S1E123 - Grindermania, Wild Scouts

The Wild Grinders make a music video and begin to gain fame as a rock band. When the Grinders join the Sapling Scouts and get lost, it's up to Jay Jay to lead them on to The Ramplands.
to 4:30pm
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E08 - Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies

Sindbad is the emissary of the Galactic Emperor, but he doesn't seem himself and his odd behavior is out of character until an encounter reveals all. Education: Always be yourself and try to be good to the people around you.
to 5:00pm
My Pet Alien
S1E09 - It Comes When You Sleep/Attack of the WereScruffy

The aliens are afraid that the Christmas spirit is contagious, so they secure the lighthouse to try to stop the horrible Santa invasion! Scruffy turning into the Werescruffy
to 5:30pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E09 - Drone and Droner
to 6:00pm
Pet Squad Part 1
S1E22 - Half-Shell Havoc

When Mother Goose's Chief Duckhenchmen, Norman and Wilbur, fail as usual to display competency in the evil stakes, she seeks a pet with real "evil potential" and stumbles upon Timmy the Tortoise. After eating hot chillies, Timmy grows into a giant and Mother Goose hatches a plan to ride him through P-Town on carnival day. While carnival goers swoon at the procession's unique attraction, Pet Squad grow suspicious of Mother Goose who plans to use the monster to crush the town.
to 6:30pm
Yam Roll
S1E20 - Happy Birth-Daze

Yam Roll tells the story of an exotic land of sushi and how one of its inhabitants, a super-powered cab driver named Yam Roll, braves monsters and bad guys all in the name of unrequited love. Despite being well liked in Happy Kingdom due to his good nature and sweet, root-vegetable flavouring, Yam Roll is still a frustrated guy. Why? Because he is hopelessly in love with the town sweetheart, a spicy tuna roll named Minamiko. With the help of his wise Zen master, Katcho Miso (an old lump of salty bean paste), his sidekick and best friend Ebi-san (a severely hyperactive shrimp), and the rest of his motley maritime crew, Yam Roll's life is always an exciting ride.
to 7:00pm
Best Ed
S1E51 - King Mr Tuts Nut

The series chronicles the adventures of an excessively helpful and enthusiastic dog named Ed and his best friend, Doug the squirrel and soldier, whom everyone calls "Buddy" because Ed refers to him as best buddy. They live in their fictional hometown of Swellville.
to 7:30pm
Dex Hamilton
S1E23 - Dex and the Whale

Dex and the team discover an entire world within the belly of a Whale Strider while engaged in a dogfight with the villainous Syrrus.
to 8:00pm
Tenkai Knights Book 1
S1E01 - Two Worlds , The Hero, Braven Appears!

Guren is a new student in Benham City. He meets Ceylan and together they visit the mysterious Shop of Wonders owned by Mr. White. Two mysterious items that turn into robots are given to the two teens. Guren dreams about Vilius and Bravenwolfs fight where Bravenwolf is defeated, a dream that Ceylon also shares. Later, the robots come alive and the teens suddenly find themselves on the planet Quarton, in the armor of Bravenwolf, and Ceylon in the armor of Tributon. The battle begins as the two are recognized as the new Tenkai Knights.
to 9:30pm
Dex Hamilton Fire & Ice
S1E01 - Dex Hamilton Fire & Ice

Young Dex Hamilton is a student at the Junior Science Academy, and he's got a killer mid-term project: a brand new species of alien insect that's demolishing the planet from the inside out! He must learn to work with an ad hoc group of misfits to save the world from the relentless swarm of bugs, and from the deadly conspiracy that unleashed them.
to 10:01pm
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E01 - An Overwhelming Threat!

An enormous dragon twines around Chou-Tokyos Sky Tower, its name is Fifth Omni Dragon Lord, Tenbu. He says, In order to prevent an unbelievable threat, I have come to Earth to search for the strongest Buddyfighter. Gao Mikado and his Buddy, Drum Bunker Dragon, challenge Tenbu to a Buddyfight.
to 10:30pm
Best Ed
S1E01 - Rub My Ed for Luck

The series chronicles the adventures of an excessively helpful and enthusiastic dog named Ed and his best friend, Doug the squirrel and soldier, whom everyone calls "Buddy" because Ed refers to him as best buddy. They live in their fictional hometown of Swellville.
to 11:31pm
Chilly Beach
S1E19 - Angus Rex

A frozen dinosaur, discovered under Dale's house, comes to life and wreaks havoc in Chilly Beach.
to 0:00am
Future Card Buddyfight X Pack 1
S1E02 - Batzz goes to Earth! Major Panic in Cho-Tokyo!

Zanya and Jin put it all on the line in a Katana World semifinal showdown hoping to advance to the A.B.C. Cup main event; Gao and the gang search for Akatsuki, as he may hold a clue to Genma and Doai's whereabouts; Sophia reveals a truth.