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to 0:30am
Dex Hamilton
S1E15 - The Rise of the Black Beetle

While exploring the ruins of Ancient Egypt, an old colleague of Dex's mistakenly unlocks an ancient spell and transforms himself into a twisted supervillain.
to 1:00am
Maple Shorts
S1E04 - Goose Encounters of the Third Kind

Maple Shorts is hosted by Canuckles, the cranky, conceited Canadian goose who wanted to direct but settled for being a critic instead, and Sela the salmon, Canuckles' bubble-headed, sweet-natured co-host.
to 1:29am
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E08 - Double Trouble

Sindbad is the emissary of the Galactic Emperor, but he doesn't seem himself and his odd behavior is out of character until an encounter reveals all. Education: Always be yourself and try to be good to the people around you.
to 2:30am
Yam Roll
S1E28 - Honey I Shrunk The Tamago

Yam Roll accidentally shrinks Tamago down to the size of a toddler. Only trouble is, Katchos not answering his phone and Yam Roll doesnt know how to grow Tamago big again.
to 3:00am
Maple Shorts
S1E07 - Duck Duck Goose

Maple Shorts is hosted by Canuckles, the cranky, conceited Canadian goose who wanted to direct but settled for being a critic instead, and Sela the salmon, Canuckles' bubble-headed, sweet-natured co-host.
to 3:30am
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E04 - All Aboard

Sindbad's ship returns from a mission contaminated with red mud, only for him to discover a much bigger problem of a computer virus in the ship's systems. Education: Technology can let you down so be careful of being fully reliant on it.
to 4:00am
Time Blazers
S2E11 - Down on the Farm
to 4:30am
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S1
S2E21 - The Power of the Imperiez

After getting beat again by Team Stax and gotten reprimanded by Lokar, the Imperiez decides to steal the Kairu in the monastery in order to impress Lokar. By spying on the monastery, they saw Baoddai taking the newly collected Kairu to the vault at night and heads there after Baoddai left. They drained as much Kairu as they could, becoming super charged and got a lot of new attacks. When exiting the vault, Boomer saw them and alerted the team. Wanting to drain more Kairu with Team Stax's X-Readers, they challenged Team Stax and won. They took Team Stax's X-Readers and went to the vault and found the Kairu pot from the alien vessel, attempting to take it. The beaten team Stax got Mookee to steal Ky's X-Reader back and Ky helped get Maya and Boomer's back as well. By making the Imperiez indecisive on which new attack to use, Team Stax won.
to 5:00am
Tenkai Knights Book 2
S1E29 - No I in Team, Liar

Guren is very excited about the upcoming trip to the Wonder Park with his father. Mr. Nash, his father, unexpectedly cancels the trip due to having a busy schedule at work leaving Guren depressed, saying he would never believe him again. Guren soon believes that his father doesn't want to hang out with him and says he has work as an excuse. As a result, Mr. Nash gets Guren tickets to the soccer finals. Before the finals begin the Tenkai Knights are summoned. Ceylan allows Guren to skip it and instead go to the game with his father. At the game Guren and Mr. Nash are talking about teamwork when Guren leaves the championship to help his friends remembering the true meaning of teamwork. After helping his friends defeat the enemy Guren meets his dad asking if the game is over. His dad tells him otherwise and both play a game of soccer together.
to 5:31am
Talking Tom S1 Part 2
S1E40 - Angela the Cheerleader

Tom and his friends support a basketball team called "the Barracudas", and Ben shows his newest invention, a tortilla trimming machine which inadvertently goes out of control, when Angela comes by wearing a t-shirt supporting a rival team called "the Piranhas", irking off Tom, Hank and Ben. Music critic Victoria Payne notices Angela's T-shirt and, being a big Piranhas fan, brings her to a fan party, and then gets her a gig to sing at the halftime show for the finals in which both the Barracudas and Piranhas will be playing, leaving Angela to choose between her friends and her career advancement. Angela decides to compromise by singing about a tie game, only to be heckled by the audience, and realises that fans from both teams were united on one thing because for her, only for them to be chased by Ben's tortilla trimming machine.
to 6:00am
Pet Squad
S2E30 - Bride of Eureka

Mother Goose has disguised herself as Smerelda in a bid to get the Professor to fall in love with her. Once they are married, she can get at the Superiser and P-Town will be hers. A suspicious Pet Squad discover Smerelda's true identity and hatch a plan to separate the love birds before it's too late.
to 6:30am
Annie & Ben
S1E20 - The Dragon Of Krakow

In Krakow, Poland Annie, Ben, and Mango help a frightened dragon get back to his home under an ancient castle.
to 7:01am
Blue Fish Nursery Rhymes - Shorts
S1E27 - Nursery Rhyme Bundle 2

The Shape Song, Five Little Ducks, Baa Baa Black Sheep, If Youre Happy and You Know it, Hickory Dickory Dock, Baby Shark Family Song, A B C Song, Good Habits Song, 10 Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Apples and Bananas Song, A B C Phonics English Song
to 7:11am
Toot The Tiny Tugboat
S1E10 - Toots New Craze

When The Harbour Master's new salsa dance is the craze of the Harbour, Lenny feels left out.
to 7:31am
Origanimals Book 1
S1E20 - Fast and Fearless

Help a sealion accept that being himself is A-ok and more fun than trying to be something you're not. In this case, a lion. Learning to accept oneself as they are.
to 8:00am
Do You Know
S1E04 - Bin Lorry and Newspaper

Do You Know? is a kids series which sees Maddie explore the workings of everyday objects by asking how they are made or how they work? Backed up by animations and special camera technology!
to 8:09am
Hatchimals - Shorts
S5E16 - Swimming in Snowflakes

The friends are hot on the trail of the missing Precious pearl when they discover a major clue! What will it be? Find out in Swimming in Snowflakes!
to 8:30am
S1E37 - Smighties
to 9:01am
ABC Monsters
S1E25 - Yoyoing Yoga

The ABC Monsters are all in the garden doing Yoga. Well, attempting to do yoga anyway, most of the Monsters are just tangled up and stuck in silly positions. When Brian attempts to count them all he notices that one of the ABC Monster’s is missing, and after a quick check, he discovers its Y-Monster that has gone. King Wordy says that he saw him wandering around the castle looking for string but he couldn’t find any. Alice, Brian and Cherry Berry set off to look for Y-Monster, before long they bump into Yasmin the Yak. She’s making yummy yoghurt but needs some yoghurt pots to put it in. The gang all help Yasmin find the correct sized pots, and she is so pleased that she give them all a pot of yummy yam flavoured yoghurt, and an important clue. The clue leads them to the boat yard where they meet Yvonne. Yvonne has been fixing her yacht, it used to have a big hole in it, but now that the hole has been repaired she can repaint it. Yvonne has red, blue, yellow, black and white paint, but the colour she needs
to 9:30am
S1E06 - Dokis Pipe Dream, Squeezin Cheese

After a spicy lunch Doki wonders how could they get running water in the clubhouse? The team sets off to SPAIN to figure out how the Romans brought water to their city from faraway, while keeping it clean and then the team constructs their own. / It's time for the Team's annual grilled-cheese sandwich cook-off - but Fico has eaten the main ingredient! To save the contest, they decide to make some more. But how do you make cheese? They set off to SWITZERLAND, to find out.
to 10:00am
Dive Olly Dive

147: TO CATCH A THIEF: When pretty things go missing from Olly and Beth's science experiment area they accuse Skid and Brandt, who of course deny the accusations. Later, they work together to set a trap and end up following a trail of phosphorescent sand, leading them to a surprising and beautiful place. 148: A JELLY OLD TIME: Safe Harbor is invaded by non-native jellyfish. When the jellyfish begin interfering with the local ecology, it’s up to the subs and their friends to return them to their proper home.
to 10:12am
Mia Part 2
S1E21 - The Strawberry Bush

It is a hot day in the garden when Mia notices a strawberry plant in need of water. She soon realizes that you can lose a lot of time when you try going too fast.
to 10:30am
S1E07 - Autumn Butterflies

As seasons begin to change from summer to autumn, the wind loves to play with the falling leaves. As Manon and her friends work together to collect the leaves the mischievous wind has a few tricks! Manon tries different ways of dealing with the challenging wind, but is running out of ideas. Fortunately, her friend Prickly the hedgehog and his friends have an inventive way to help!
to 10:42am
Origanimals Book 1
S1E14 - The Lost Laugh

Help a forester kangaroo learn to bounce so that she no longer keeps running into her friends. It's ok to do things differently than others.
to 10:59am
Toot The Tiny Tugboat
S1E43 - Birthday Surprise

Marge and Toot are pursued by a scary pirate ship, but it turns out the ship is a party ship called Jolly Jack who got lost on his way to the twins' birthday party.
to 11:14am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E61 - Do The Sticky Stomp

Vincent wants to surprise Millisant for when she comes back to the store, so Buzzbee and the gang create a dance for her.
to 11:30am
Buzz Bumble
S1E15 - Stesshead

Enreeko gets stressed out and everyone tries different ways to get him to calm him down.
to 11:59am
Gogo Dino Explorers
S3E14 - The Mammoth Migration - Part 2

The Dino Explorers help the Mammoth family along the challenging journey to the Northern Region.
to 12:10pm
Abby Hatcher
S1E08 - Who Knows That Smell

Abby and Bozzly play Who Knows That Smell?
to 12:18pm
Toca Life Stories - Shorts
S1E31 - Nora Says Relax

When Leon sweats a social outing, Nora helps him chill out so he can enjoy the day with his friends.
to 12:33pm
Paw Patrol Shorts
S2E04 - Dino Rescue Pups Save a Pterodactyl Egg

A Pterodactyl Mom and her egg are trapped on a ledge in a rockslide – Pups to the Dino Rescue!
to 1:02pm
S1E10 - The Sweetness of Honey, Woe is Wolli, The Lucky One, Scary Stories

Bobo, who is honey-intolerant, continues to eat honey until he becomes violently ill. Wolli's perfectly poetic state of mind is interrupted by his friends. Wolli is excited about going on a hot air balloon ride until he learns he is afraid of heights. Rosa is frightened by a campfire story.
to 1:33pm
Camp Bonkers World!
S1E44 - Musical Monsters!

Camp Bonkers and My Singing Monsters, together in perfect harmony! On this weeks’ What-A-World, Camp Counsellor Ana discovers the history of music. Plus, with a little help from some singing monsters, she learns how to build a harmony! Take a seat and get comfortable, because chairs are about to get scarce as Ana and Amelie play musical chairs BLINDFOLDED!
to 2:03pm
Oh Yuck
S1E21 - Oh Rats

When it's revealed that Durp-E is secretly keeping a pet rat in the Yuck Lab, everyone is shocked as to whom the cringing, shrieking aversion to them is.
to 2:32pm
Pet Squad
S2E50 - Chocaholic

Pet Squad are called to action by Chief Delaney who wants some more chocolates! Sheeba isn't impressed. This isn't the sort of heroic stuff Pet Squad do but they soon discover Mother Goose has invented a new, very addictive chocolate, which she is using to take over P-Town. Once the whole town is addicted to her treats there will be no-one left to stop her! Can Pet Squad save P-Town and show the residents how Mother Goose's chocs are really made?
to 3:02pm
My Pet Alien
S1E26 - The Time that Time Ended, The Day of Judgement

Tommy has to go to the doctor for his annual flu shot - he doesn't want to go, and the aliens offer a healthy alternative - a visit from their crazy alien Dr. Daffodil!
to 3:32pm
S2E07 - Cute Little Teleportation, Multi Cook

In this episode, kids learn about bound particles and quantum teleportation.
to 3:47pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E79 - Bad Roomie

Isamu helps Zo Zo find a new apartment, however landlord Snot Zombie soon learns he can’t keep up with Zo Zo’s messiness and nasty habits!
to 4:03pm
Dragamonz - Shorts
S1E16 - Hot Mess

Dax and Boaragon try to battle their way into Firewing territory.
to 4:33pm
Jack S3
S3E14 - Jack or RoboJack?

Jack is content to let his robot replacement do all his work until the overly efficient RoboJack shorts out, leaving the duo stranded in the jungle.
to 5:03pm
Jar Dwellers Semester 1
S1E14 - Pest In Show

Sophie risks the Jar Dwellers when she enters them in Van Riceberger's Pet Show trap.
to 5:32pm
Talking Tom S1 Part 1
S1E23 - The Perfect Roommate

The landlord tells Tom and his friends that they have to leave the garage for a week as there is a volcano underneath that is erupting, so Angela offers to house the guys. However, Tom gets especially nervous about impressing Angela and acts weirdly. That night, Tom surprises Angela repeatedly while she is working on a song, making her mad. The next morning, Tom removes all the "girly stuff" and packs it up so that no one breaks it, to Angela's shock. Ben tries to calm Tom down and take a box away, but the box falls and a miniature horse in it breaks, and Tom tries to fix it with mud. In anger, Angela calls a house meeting and says that Tom must find elsewhere to live, and Tom leaves, dejected. That night, Angela and Ginger get bored and confess that they miss Tom, and find him in the garage, surrounded by a lake of lava, and persuade him to return and stay with them.
to 6:02pm
Chuck Chicken Book 2

Dee plots to steal the world's largest diamond from the island museum.
to 6:32pm
Future Card Buddyfight X Pack 1
S1E20 - Grim Reaper vs. Gaito!

The training continues! Guru Bunbuku calls Kiri Hyoryu to assist him, but then.. the Grim Reaper makes his appearance, and challenges Gaito to a Buddyfight?!
to 7:02pm
Tenkai Knights Book 1
S1E14 - Lost Key, One Step to the Future!

Vilius has kidnapped the Tenkai Dragon and Guren tires to figure out their next move. On Earth, a stranger returns to Benham City.
to 7:32pm
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S1
S1E14 - Battacor Blood

When the Battacor steal the X-Scaper and head to Norway in an attempt to beat Team Stax to a Kairu relic, the team must go to extreme measures to get the ship back.
to 8:02pm
S1E02 - The Butterfly Effect

Macbeth hypnotises Soper by using the psychedelic patterns on a pair of butterfly wings. With the school principal incapacitated, she's now free to impose her own brand of discipline on the kids! A group of very diverse and different kids must join together to form a secret group in the hopes of stopping the everlasting evil of their teacher.
to 8:32pm
Ghosts of Time
S1E07 - Gold Rush

Touching a gold nugget transports the team to the Australia in the 1800’s gold rush, where they discover that it belongs to a Chinese girl. However the nugget is immediately stolen.
to 9:02pm
Best Ed
S1E04 - Squeals on the Bus

The series chronicles the adventures of an excessively helpful and enthusiastic dog named Ed and his best friend, Doug the squirrel and soldier, whom everyone calls "Buddy" because Ed refers to him as best buddy. They live in their fictional hometown of Swellville.
to 9:32pm
My Goldfish is Evil
S2E05 - The Great Outdoors

Beanie, his Mom, and Elwood head to family summer camp, and Beanie brings his evil pet to keep him under control. But the camp turns out to be run by a city-slicker who doesn't know the first thing about nature!
to 10:03pm
S1E14 - Shadows of the Past
to 10:32pm
Maple Shorts
S1E01 - Eat my shorts

Maple Shorts is hosted by Canuckles, the cranky, conceited Canadian goose who wanted to direct but settled for being a critic instead, and Sela the salmon, Canuckles' bubble-headed, sweet-natured co-host.
to 11:02pm
Chilly Beach
S2E40 - Fortune Kookie

Jacques becomes the town counselor after receiving psychic powers from an electric shock.
to 11:32pm
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E12 - Win and Advance! 1024 Consecutive Fights!

The Suzuha Amanosuzu Organization is going to hold a party on Sunday. Baku and Kuguru are excited about it, but Gao says that he has Buddy Police work throughout the day. We dont even have free time to eat Takoyaki… Both Drum and Gao complain. Suddenly, the splitting image of Suzuhas robots appear in front of them and they head to the Castle to see Suzuha. Surely Suzuha appeared… They thought. But they see a Hundred Demon possessing her. The shadow of Mysterious Dekarabia is floating near her. Gao and Drum fall into a Dungeon Stage and are forced to fight 1024 fights.
to 0:00am
Time Blazers
S2E08 - News