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to 0:22am
Chuck Chicken Book 1

When he is struck by lightning, Dex's mechanical arm becomes super-magnetized.
to 0:30am
Toca Life Stories
S1E05 - Deli Helpers

Rita tries to do something nice for Bo, but her efforts are thwarted when Nari summons the Crumpets to help.
to 0:43am
Zo Zo Zombie
S1E10 - What a Charmer
to 1:00am
Dragamonz Blocks
S1E09 - Dragamonz Part 9

The power of the Crystal gives Grimserver new life!
to 1:30am
Chaotic Chapter 1
S1E19 - A Fearsome Fate

Tom finally has a new scan of Maxxor , but when he transforms into the awesome OverWorld leader during a Drome match, Tom makes a startling discovery -- the once brave warrior is now a quivering coward. Seeking to unravel the mystery of Maxxor's illness, Tom must 'port to Lake Ken-i-po to consult with Najarin -- if he can survive the Mugic trap inside the old wizard's castle!
to 2:00am
Kagagi (French)
S1E02 - Kagagi (French)
to 2:30am
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E14 - The Beast That Eats Everything! Yamigedo!!

The Beast That Eats Everything! Yamigedo!!
to 3:00am
Tenkai Knights Book 2
S1E31 - Dojo Mojo, The Black Guardian is Born!

After the Guardians were brainwashed by Vilius' black Dragon Cubes, the Tenkai Knights must learn how to defeat them. That's why Gen decides to train them in his Dojo with Mr. White's help. Back on Quarton, Boreas unleashes his Mega Fusion form, and in the last moment, Guren unlocks Bravenwolf's Elemental Titan mode.
to 3:30am
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S2
S2E04 - Shadow Ekayon

When Baoddai senses a unique deposit of Kairu energy, he sends Ky, Maya and Boomer to retrieve it... and they end up finding part of a mysterious object called the Kairu Cube!
to 4:00am
Dex Hamilton
S1E09 - Danger High Voltage

A slick new insect sanctuary arrives in town to give Hamilton's Habitat some competition, but Dex believes they're hiding a sinister plot.
to 4:30am
Got To Go
S1E15 - Cracking the Code

The series focuses on the life of a preteen girl, Maddison Marples-Macintosh, who assumes the role of an online advice columnist on her school's website.
to 5:00am
Talking Tom S2
S2E19 - Talking Tom S2

Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas, and an unfailing sense of humor, Talking Tom and Friends are on a mission to make their dreams come true. Although things never entirely turn out the way they plan, this incredible group is destined to warm hearts - and break a funny bone or two - along the way.
to 5:30am
Pet Squad Part 1
S1E10 - Dog Gone

All the pet snacks in P-Town have been stolen by Mother Goose and the pets are revolting. Pet Squad are called upon to restore order but they too are feeling the effects of no pet treats. Has Mother Goose masterminded the perfect snack attack?
to 6:00am
Yam Roll
S1E34 - Dial E for Edamame

Yam Roll tells the story of an exotic land of sushi and how one of its inhabitants, a super-powered cab driver named Yam Roll, braves monsters and bad guys all in the name of unrequited love. Despite being well liked in Happy Kingdom due to his good nature and sweet, root-vegetable flavouring, Yam Roll is still a frustrated guy. Why? Because he is hopelessly in love with the town sweetheart, a spicy tuna roll named Minamiko. With the help of his wise Zen master, Katcho Miso (an old lump of salty bean paste), his sidekick and best friend Ebi-san (a severely hyperactive shrimp), and the rest of his motley maritime crew, Yam Roll's life is always an exciting ride.
to 6:30am
Jack S2
S2E04 - Stinky Business

Jack is a fun-loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is the amazing, planet Earth! With the help of his alien dog Rocket and his robotic assistant C.H.I.P., he sets out on a series of fun and daring adventures to learn all about this strange new planet! Showing him the ropes are his three new friends: a nine-year-old boy named Nico, his little sister Sam, and their slacker pal Yoki. Together they help Jack (and us) understand how things work here on Earth...and beyond!
to 7:00am
Blue Fish Nursery Rhymes - Shorts
S1E27 - Nursery Rhyme Bundle 2

The Shape Song, Five Little Ducks, Baa Baa Black Sheep, If Youre Happy and You Know it, Hickory Dickory Dock, Baby Shark Family Song, A B C Song, Good Habits Song, 10 Little Monkeys, Itsy Bitsy Spider, Apples and Bananas Song, A B C Phonics English Song
to 7:30am
Toot The Tiny Tugboat
S1E12 - Toots holiday

Toot has his first holiday but realises it's not as much fun without your friends.
to 8:01am
ABC Monsters
S1E03 - Full Stop Circus

Everyone at Capital Town has been waiting a whole year for the Circus to return, and finally it's here at last.
to 8:30am
Annie & Ben
S1E04 - To The Moon

Looking for UFOs in the skies over the Nevada desert Annie, Ben and Mango meet a space alien who takes them to the moon.
to 9:00am
Gogo Dino Explorers
S3E04 - Syntarsus, the Runner

Rex's little brother Rocky wants to become a Dino Explorer more than anything, and skips school to go to the GoGo Dino base. He is called back to school, but can't go right away due to a space storm. Rocky leaves the base to go exploring without permission, and comes across a Syntarsus, the fastest dinosaur. Can Rocky beat Synta in a race?
to 9:10am
Tina and Tony
S1E44 - Tina and Tony
to 9:20am
S1E20 - A Magician

Albi practices magic tricks
to 9:30am
Abby Hatcher Shorts
S1E03 - Aced It!

Abby and Bozzly make smoothies with Chef Jeff.
to 9:45am
S1E11 - Mofy 11

Mofy 11
to 10:00am
Construction Site S1
S1E04 - Listening Trouble

When Bozer tells Diggs that he’s full of good ideas he thinks he’ll share them with Scooch and Carrie. But it seems that Carrie’s got a few good ideas of her own and they’re soon disagreeing about just whose idea really is the best. It’s not until Bozer points out that listening to others is often the source of the very brightest ideas that Diggs sees that his and Carrie’s ideas aren't so different after all.
to 10:30am
Sid The Science Kid Part 1
S1E16 - A Brush with Teeth

Sid wonders if you really do have to brush your teeth every single day? At school, Sid discovers that our mouths are filled with different kinds of teeth that do lots of different jobs—like chewing our food! So it’s really important to keep our teeth healthy by brushing them every day!
to 11:00am
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss S2
S2E18 - Walkin' With The Cat

In the Cat’s Playhouse, the Cat in the Hat wants to try to be a bird. In the Wubbulous World, we see how different creatures get around. Also, Sarah runs in a Seussville race where people use all kinds of ways to get around, including rolling and bouncing.
to 11:30am
The Animal Show With Stinky & Jake S1
S1E23 - Gila Monster / Kanagroo Rat (Desert Rat)

Animal Show brings out the wild side of wildlife - as only The Jim Henson Company can! Your hosts Stinky the Skunk and Jake the Polar Bear welcome guests of the animal kingdom to the furriest talk show to ever hit the airwaves. There's music and merriment in this show that has the animal world roaring - ANIMAL SHOW!
to 12:00pm
S1E10 - The Rocket Ride / Dream A Happy Dream

Everyone is excited for Apollo because he’s finally tall enough to ride a big ride at the amusement park tomorrow, but he’s secretly scared. He decides that he will tell a tiny white lie about not feeling well so he doesn’t have to go to the park tomorrow. / Cowbella is afraid to go to sleep because she might have a bad dream, so the Pajanimals go to the Friendly Forest to meet Jerry, who assures her that those bad thoughts are just from her imagination.
to 12:30pm
The Game Catchers
S1E02 - Out Of The Shell / The Chicken Or The Ball

After landing on a strange and slippery planet, the Game Catchers meet an easily startled snail alien that needs help coming out of its shell. The solution may be a quiet one, but it leads to a big and boistrous game of 1, 2, 3... Stop Where You Are! The Game Catchers arrive on a new planet just in time to help local aliens retrieve their ball from the nest of some stubborn Dotty Dots. After a few mix-ups involving eggs, our heroes are rewarded with a big game of Rock Ball.
to 1:00pm
Buzz Bumble Part 1
S1E10 - Safety

Rhonda goes overboard with safety precautions so Buzz and Joe try to work around them.
to 1:30pm
Chuck Chicken Book 1

After another failed robbery , Dee plans make Chuck chicken the most hated bird in the town. He creates an android exactly as Chuck.
to 2:00pm
Pet Squad Part 1
S1E10 - Dog Gone

All the pet snacks in P-Town have been stolen by Mother Goose and the pets are revolting. Pet Squad are called upon to restore order but they too are feeling the effects of no pet treats. Has Mother Goose masterminded the perfect snack attack?
to 2:30pm
BatPat Chapter 1
S1E20 - Oceans Roar

Summer has officially started and the people of Fogville are hitting the beach, including the Silver family and Bat Pat. But their plans are derailed when a series of huge “potholes” in the street have jammed the traffic. The kids and Bat Pat eventually realize that the potholes are really footprints caused by a T-Rex that had been frozen in a block of ice. The T-Rex loves surfing, but his beach activities are causing too much havoc in Fogville, so Bat Pat and the kids must find a way to get the T-Rex to an isolated island where he can surf to his heart's content.
to 3:00pm
Raven Tales
S4E04 - Change and Butterflies
to 3:30pm
Oh Yuck
S1E06 - Enter the Toothworm

Septico tries his hand at wormcharming and Pristine hides a toothache when their dentist Aunt comes to visit.
to 4:00pm
S1E11 - The Truth, The Whole Truth

Following an I.N.K. operation that turns her room into a nightclub, Macbeth wanders the hallways and overhears some students talking about a film they've just seen with a machine that forces people to tell the truth! A group of very diverse and different kids must join together to form a secret group in the hopes of stopping the everlasting evil of their teacher.
to 4:30pm
Tales of Aluna
S1E20 - Thief in the Night

Aluna's pendant is stolen, and naturally everyone accuses Johnny, the local mischief-maker. While Aluna struggles to adjust to life without her pendant, Tara discovers the true thief.
to 5:00pm
My Goldfish is Evil
S1E01 - The Monstro-Crane of Doom

Beanie stops Admiral Bubbles latest brainstorm of turning the weather into a weapon of mass destruction. The damage is limited to the abandoned building across the street, which collapses in a pile of rubble that accidentally wipes out Scoop's nearby news stand.
to 5:22pm
Talking Tom S3
S3E15 - Talking Tom S3

Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas, and an unfailing sense of humor, Talking Tom and Friends are on a mission to make their dreams come true. Although things never entirely turn out the way they plan, this incredible group is destined to warm hearts - and break a funny bone or two - along the way.
to 5:30pm
Toca Life Stories
S1E04 - Where Does Nari Go

When Nari takes off on her own, Rita, Leon and Zeke follow her into the forest, hoping shell uncover her secrets.
to 6:00pm
Dragon Force S1
S1E18 - Desperate Strike

Warriors from the the future known as the Dragon Force train young Lucas into the greatest hero on Earth - Defeating monsters in order to stop the great Skynet conspiracy.
to 6:30pm
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E08 - Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies

Sindbad is the emissary of the Galactic Emperor, but he doesn't seem himself and his odd behavior is out of character until an encounter reveals all. Education: Always be yourself and try to be good to the people around you.
to 6:43pm
Zo Zo Zombie
S1E10 - What a Charmer
to 7:00pm
Dragamonz Blocks
S1E05 - Dragamonz Part 5

Dax’s battle against the Mystics takes a backseat to an even greater threat!
to 7:30pm
S1E08 - Appolyon

Matt is thrown for a loop when his best friend Nate, convinced that he's the superhero Kagagi, starts taking dangerous risks.
to 8:00pm
Chaotic Chapter 2
S1E26 - The Ultimate Scan

When Peyton trades another Player for a map that supposedly leads to a mythical Creature named Iparu, his friends think he's lost it. Everything changes, however, when they step through a hidden portal into an idyllic jungle setting and Kaz starts acting very oddly...
to 8:30pm
Future Card Buddyfight X Pack 1
S1E10 - Final Round! Who is the World Number One?

Zanya and Jin put it all on the line in a Katana World semifinal showdown hoping to advance to the A.B.C. Cup main event; Gao and the gang search for Akatsuki, as he may hold a clue to Genma and Doai's whereabouts; Sophia reveals a truth.
to 9:00pm
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E13 - Parade of Hundred Demons! Terror of the Thunder Mine!!

Finding himself nearly falling unconscious from fatigue, Gao struggles in his Fight against Death Shido. But, he senses Tasuku, gets back his willpower and wins spectacularly. Fed up with Death Shido, Ikazuchi decides to make a move himself, and attacks Gao, saying Ill go eat Tenbu!. However, Asmodai stands in the way. A mysterious flag, and Ikazuchi, controller of the Parade of Hundred Demons card. Asmodai turning up without Tetsuya. What sort of Fight is about to unfold?!
to 9:30pm
Tenkai Knights Book 2
S1E27 - Vilius Returns, A New Battle

Due to the Guardians' incompetence, they've resurrected Vilius only to have been put under his control. As the Tenkai Knights fight Vilius, he stole the five Dragon Cubes and forced them to create the Tenkai Dragon without either the white or black Dragon Keys rendering the beast unstable. As Dromus strike the Tenkai Dragon, it split into ten cubes where five of the cubes represents its natural Tenkai energy while the other five represents the corrupted Tenkai energy.
to 10:00pm
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S2
S2E01 - The Fall of Lokar

When our heroes head to Lokar's lair to commandeer his Kairu, Ky accidentally releases the energy... and causes Lokar's lair to explode!
to 10:30pm
Dex Hamilton
S1E22 - Seeds of Destruction

Dex risks life and limb to save the Earth when it becomes overgrown with colossal alien flowers that block out the planet's sunlight and absorb all its water.
to 11:30pm
Chilly Beach
S1E13 - Cold War

When two Russian soldiers arrive in Chilly Beach from drifting iceberg, it takes Dale and Frank shrewd negotiation skills to relieve tensions.
to 0:00am
Maple Shorts
S1E04 - Maple Shorts

Maple Shorts is hosted by a goose and a salmon. Canuckles is a cranky, conceited Canadian goose who wanted to direct but settled for being a critic instead. Sela the salmon is Canuckles' bubble-headed, sweet-natured co-host. Together, they critique each short film produced by Canadian animators which airs on the program.