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to 0:22am
Chuck Chicken Book 1

A vanquished foe returns with a new source of power to get revenge on Chuck.
to 0:30am
Toca Life Stories - Shorts
S1E03 - Croquets New Friend

Naris pretend friend, Croquet, has his eyes set on Leon.
to 0:43am
Zo Zo Zombie
S1E09 - Bless This Mess

Zo Zo Zombie chronicles the adventures of the bizarre Zo Zo Zombie as he tries to do some good in the world with his best friend Isamu. Zo Zo is the undead champion of the underdog who somehow always ends up butt-deep in comedic chaos!
to 0:56am
S1E06 - Rude Awakening

Dax and the gang attempt first contact with the surly Stonescale Dragamonz!
to 1:00am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E17 - Wads the Problem
to 1:21am
Chaotic Chapter 1
S1E16 - Fallen Hero

Tom tags along with Kaz hoping to get a new scan of his hero, the mighty Maxxor. Their quest takes the two friends across Perim, where they're caught in the crossfire of a volcanic battle, then brave a treacherous trip through the ghastly Gloomuck Swamp. As Tom and Kaz close in on their goal, they are shocked to learn that the greatest peril they face is Maxxor himself!
to 1:30am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E46 - Organised Bee

Buzzbee and Barnabee are told to deliver treats to everyone, but get them and their rhyme mixed-up.
to 1:55am
Future Card Buddyfight X Pack 1
S1E06 - Strongest Battleship Satsuki Launches! Attack Target: Batzz!

Zanya and Jin put it all on the line in a Katana World semifinal showdown hoping to advance to the A.B.C. Cup main event; Gao and the gang search for Akatsuki, as he may hold a clue to Genma and Doai`s whereabouts; Sophia reveals a truth.
to 2:00am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E18 - Chop Sokey Shoppy
to 2:25am
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E16 - Im the Hero! Justice Drum!!

Im the Hero! Justice Drum!!
to 2:30am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E19 - Soap Springs Eternal
to 2:52am
Tenkai Knights Book 1
S1E04 - The Power of Four, Unite! Fire Bird

The boys are starting come together as a team as they learn more about Quarton. While on Quarton - in search of the next Dragon cube - the boys discover that they can combine their Tenkai Knights to become something more powerful, the Prodojet. Back on Earth, the guys learn that someone stole the Key from the museum, possibly for Vilius.
to 3:00am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E47 - Its Not Easy Being Green

When Buzzbee accidentally spills green paint on the grass, he is told to clean it up. But then he discovers green footprints on the grass, then realises they are his footprints!
to 3:22am
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S1
S1E03 - The Kairu Diary

While hanging out on the X-Scaper, the gang detects a distress signal that Ky believes is from his missing father.
to 3:30am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E49 - Funny Bee

Buzzbee, Barnabee and Jasper show Lord Bartleby how to have fun while the Queen Bee is at the Flower Fields.
to 3:54am
Dex Hamilton
S1E08 - You this Wasted on the Tung

When Zap and Tung are bitten by a behaviour-modifying Methuselah Beetle, Dex must track down the culprit while keeping tabs on his increasingly unruly teammates.
to 4:00am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E17 - Wads the Problem
to 4:22am
Got To Go
S1E14 - Rumour Screamer

The series focuses on the life of a preteen girl, Maddison Marples-Macintosh, who assumes the role of an online advice columnist on her school's website.
to 4:30am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E50 - Pappa Gets Fit

Rubee and Buzzbee teach Pappa Bee how to get fit, but end up helping their friends with their problems.
to 4:51am
Talking Tom S1 Part 1
S1E18 - Ping Pong Wizard

Tom, Ben, Hank and Angela reminisce the time when they got a ping pong table, and Ben became obsessed with ping pong that he would not get back to work until someone could defeat him in a match. Tom and his friends solicit the help of their landlord, who happened to be a former ping pong champion, and he defeats Ben.
to 5:00am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E11 - More Walkie Less Talkie
to 5:23am
Pet Squad Part 2
S2E34 - Pet Factor

Pet Factor is filming in P-Town and everyone is taking part in the televised singing contest - Norman and Wilbur, Posey the Parrot and Country and Western. On the judging panel is Jonathan the Fabulous Peacock, Bennett the Bull and Chief Delaney. The show looks sure to be a success but Mother Goose has evil plans to use the show's popularity to turn the town against Pet Squad.
to 5:30am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E14 - Dont Lose Face
to 5:52am
Yam Roll
S1E37 - The Yam and I

Yam Roll tells the story of an exotic land of sushi and how one of its inhabitants, a super-powered cab driver named Yam Roll, braves monsters and bad guys all in the name of unrequited love. Despite being well liked in Happy Kingdom due to his good nature and sweet, root-vegetable flavouring, Yam Roll is still a frustrated guy. Why? Because he is hopelessly in love with the town sweetheart, a spicy tuna roll named Minamiko. With the help of his wise Zen master, Katcho Miso (an old lump of salty bean paste), his sidekick and best friend Ebi-san (a severely hyperactive shrimp), and the rest of his motley maritime crew, Yam Roll`s life is always an exciting ride.
to 6:00am
Streetcat Bob Shorts
S1E14 - Kite

A little boy's kite blows away on a windy day. Bob comes to the rescue, chasing the kite far away over fences and rooftops. But how will he get back?
to 6:22am
Jack S3
S3E02 - Flea Hunter

Jack is a fun-loving alien explorer whose coolest discovery yet is the amazing, planet Earth! With the help of his alien dog Rocket and his robotic assistant C.H.I.P., he sets out on a series of fun and daring adventures to learn all about this strange new planet!
to 6:30am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E48 - Mothers Day

Buzzbee attempts Mamma Bee three things for Mother's Day, but has the things all wrong.
to 7:00am
Blue Fish Nursery Rhymes - Shorts
S1E26 - Nursery Rhyme Bundle 1

Teddy Bear Song, Twinkle Twinkle Little Star, Chubby Cheeks, Happy Birthday Song, Johny Jonhy, Baby Shark, Ringa Ringa Roses, Wheels on the Bus, Five Little Monkeys, Red Light Song, Old McDonald, One Little Finger
to 7:22am
Toot The Tiny Tugboat
S1E10 - Toots New Craze

When The Harbour Master's new salsa dance is the craze of the Harbour, Lenny feels left out.
to 7:30am
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E46 - Organised Bee

Buzzbee and Barnabee are told to deliver treats to everyone, but get them and their rhyme mixed-up.
to 7:52am
ABC Monsters
S1E02 - Bells, Berries and Bananas

It's the annual Bicycle Race at Capital Castle and it is a tradition for all the ABC Monsters to take part. But as soon as the race is about to begin, Cherry Berry notices that one of the ABC Monsters is missing.
to 8:00am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E19 - Soap Springs Eternal
to 8:30am
Fo Fo Figgily
S1E03 - Helping

Fo-Fo Figgily, Logan and Wee are curious as to how Fixle Bowstring gets so much done each and every day. During a bubble call with Fixle Bowstring we learn all of our friends are in need of help. Mr Snaffle Sprouts struggles to lift a Wobbly Dobbly Fruit onto his mobile garden, Kendal Bootglow has run out of Glow Goo for her Bootglow Fire Hose and the Beach Door has blown open in the Anywhere Store. Fo-Fo, Logan and Wee, with the help of the Task Tinkers, venture around Seabucklebark to help their friends. Kendal Bootglow demonstrates to us a Fo-Fo Figgily Fitness Tip and Mr Snaffle Sprouts teaches us all about a healthy snack, Watermelon.
to 9:00am
Mole Sisters
S1E08 - The Mole Sisters and the Apple Blossom

Part 1: "The Mole Sisters and the Apple Blossom" After finding an apple blossom blowing around in their home, the Mole sisters go out to explore and find a trail leading to an apple tree. Part 2: "The Mole Sisters and the Echo" The Mole sisters search for a familiar voice while exploring in a new valley, and discover a new kind of sound. Part 3: "The Mole Sisters and the Piece of Moss" The Mole sisters come across a piece of moss and bring it with them for their adventures. Part 4: "The Mole Sisters and the Strawberry" The Mole sisters help a crow get its strawberry back, but accidentally eat it along the way. Part 5: "The Mole Sisters and the Wavy Wheat" The Mole sisters go exploring through a field of wheat. Part 6: "The Mole Sisters and the Nightingale" While exploring the different sounds at night, the Mole sisters learn a song when they meet a nightingale.
to 9:26am
Gogo Dino Explorers
S3E02 - The Odd Egg

Ping finds a big egg during his morning patrol, which he brings back to the base to keep it safe. At night, when everyone is sleeping, the egg begins to hatch! What kind of dinosaur will it be?
to 9:30am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E21 - Mr Congeniality
to 9:44am
S1E12 - Mofy 12

Mofy 12
to 9:53am
Construction Site S3
S3E02 - Mid Mileage Crisis

One day as the younger machines play by the docks, Carl and Lug reflect on their own carefree youth. Lug decides that he’s not ready for old age just yet and joins Diggs, Carrie, and Scooch for some ‘top gear’ fun. Carl and Maxine look on aghast while Lug initiates an overly enthusiastic round of ‘Follow My Leader’. When things get out of hand - resulting in total chaos - he realises that while it was fun being the young and careless ‘Lugster’ the older and wiser ‘Lug’ plays a more vital role on the Construction Site.
to 10:00am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E23 - Lost in Transpotation
to 10:30am
Sid The Science Kid Part 1
S1E13 - Grandmas Glasses

Sid tries on Grandma’s glasses, but they make everything look blurry. Sid explores his sense of vision, and discovers that even though Grandma’s glasses make things look blurry to him, they make things look clear to her.
to 10:54am
The Wubbulous World of Dr. Seuss S2
S2E15 - Lester Leaps In

In the Cat’s Playhouse, Terrence is visited by his brother Lester, who drives Terrence crazy. In the Wubbulous World, we see all sorts of families, and Sarah Hall-Small gets a new baby brother.
to 11:00am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E16 - Wasabi by Nature
to 11:24am
The Animal Show With Stinky & Jake S1
S1E22 - Grizzly Bear / Hedgehog

Animal Show brings out the wild side of wildlife as only The Jim Henson Company can. Your hosts Stinky the Skunk and Jake the Polar Bear welcome guests of the animal kingdom to the furriest talk show to ever hit the airwaves. Theres music and merriment in this show that has the animal world roaring - ANIMAL SHOW!
to 11:30am
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E17 - Wads the Problem
to 11:52am
S1E09 - Game Day / Super Sweet Night

The Pajanimals have been outside all day, playing and having fun, but Squacky has been inside all day playing a video game. At bedtime, Squacky has loads of energy. / The Pajanimals come back from a party, each with a bag full of candy. While the others decide to save their candy for later, Cowbella decides to eat all of her candy right now, but then can’t go to sleep.
to 12:00pm
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E49 - Funny Bee

Buzzbee, Barnabee and Jasper show Lord Bartleby how to have fun while the Queen Bee is at the Flower Fields.
to 12:30pm
The Game Catchers
S1E26 - Dino Mum / Watch Out For Tumbleweed

The Game Catchers are a team of five friends on an interstellar journey to explore fantastic planets, with the aim of learning about and playing new games. The discovered games are collected into a database to make sure they are never lost.
to 12:55pm
The Eggs
S1E30 - Music Trap

The adventures of four Egg characters exploring the Looneyverse in their spaceship, Shelley. They find new planets, new sounds and new friends in a humorous environment set to entertaining music.
to 1:00pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E18 - Chop Sokey Shoppy
to 1:22pm
Toca Life Stories
S1E03 - Paper Bag Cat

In TOCA LIFE STORIES, best friends Leon, Nari, Zeke, and Rita fill their days with adventures of their own making in their neighborhood.
to 1:30pm
Abby Hatcher Shorts
S1E01 - Abby Gives a Tour!

Abby gives her viewers a tour of the Hatcher Palace Hotel!
to 1:52pm
Chuck Chicken Book 1

Dr Mingo creates a liquid that turns any inert matter into a monster with an insatiable appetite for destruction. Unfortunately the liquid fails, and Mingo decides to get rid of it.
to 2:00pm
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E50 - Pappa Gets Fit

Rubee and Buzzbee teach Pappa Bee how to get fit, but end up helping their friends with their problems.
to 2:23pm
Pet Squad Part 1
S1E06 - A Bird in the Hand

The magnificent Crown of Queen Bling Bling is on display at the P-Town museum. To protect it, the town's Chief of Police, Delaney, has installed The Grabatron - an unbeatable new security system. When the fabulous master thief, Jonathan the Peacock, publicly labels Mother Goose 'not smart enough' to conquer The Grabatron, Pet Squad sense trouble ahead. However, neither Pet Squad nor Mother Goose foresee Jonathan's real plan.
to 2:30pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E20 - A Very Taxing Cab
to 2:52pm
Tales of Aluna
S1E16 - Fiddle Dee Dee, Potatoes!

A mimic bird visits the Island and Johnny uses it to prank Barabajagal and the humans.
to 3:00pm
Double Dribble
S1E02 - Pest in The Nest

The terrifying Booku-Booku bird has built his nest in Bron and Brina’s basketball net. Will they ever be able to use it again?
to 3:26pm
S1E23 - The Galoshes of Fortune

The young apprentice fairy is very excited because she has just invented a pair of magic rain boots that can make wishes come true for its wearer. She leaves the boots lying outside the Lieutenant's house and sets in motion a sequence of events that quickly get out of control. And that's how she learns that granting free wishes can get you into a lot of trouble.
to 3:30pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E100 - Raining Sharks
to 3:52pm
Oh Yuck
S1E04 - Dirty Rotten Birthday Girl

Septico's attempt to throw Pristine a birthday party turns into a disgusting food eating competition.
to 4:00pm
The Hive Shorts 1
S1E48 - Mothers Day

Buzzbee attempts Mamma Bee three things for Mother's Day, but has the things all wrong.
to 4:24pm
S1E09 - Burt the Brute

In her never-ending campaign against the Invisible Network of Kids, Macbeth decides to use brute force. To do so, she recruits a highly qualified boy: Burt! A group of very diverse and different kids must join together to form a secret group in the hopes of stopping the everlasting evil of their teacher.
to 4:30pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E01 - Choco Donkey Battle
to 4:52pm
Ricky Sprocket
S1E21 - Grounded

Ricky must prove his innocence while grounded; Benny and Ricky swap roles in the school play.
to 5:00pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E21 - Mr Congeniality
to 5:24pm
BatPat Chapter 1
S1E16 - Monster Jam

When strange things start to happen with the basketballs at school, Rebecca thinks there’s a ball revolt going on. But when the kids and Bat Pat encounter some small green creatures by the school equipment locker, they follow them into the Whispering Forest and realize it’s a group of goblins who are trying to “borrow” a basketball. The goblins explain that some trolls challenged them to a basketball game and then took the goblins’ basketball so they couldn’t practice. If the goblins lose the game, the trolls get their awesome cave home. The trolls are huge compared to the goblins, but the kids and Bat Pat teach the goblins some slick moves, including Leo’s ultimate weapon: a goblin tower that allows the goblins to win the game on a monster slam dunk and keep their home!
to 5:30pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E03 - Ultimate Farting Championship
to 5:52pm
Talking Tom S2
S2E13 - Double Date Disaster

Armed with tech gear, awesome ideas, and an unfailing sense of humor, Talking Tom and Friends are on a mission to make their dreams come true. Although things never entirely turn out the way they plan, this incredible group is destined to warm hearts - and break a funny bone or two - along the way.
to 5:57pm
Streetcat Bob Shorts
S1E03 - Egg

When Bob and Buzz are playing a game of chase in the park, Bob trips over something that turns out to be an egg. But where did it come from?
to 6:00pm
Gobsmax - Shorts
S1E06 - Magnet
to 6:22pm
Dragon Force S1
S1E18 - Desperate Strike

Warriors from the the future known as the Dragon Force train young Lucas into the greatest hero on Earth - Defeating monsters in order to stop the great Skynet conspiracy.
to 6:30pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E05 - Tunafish Weeds
to 6:51pm
Sindbad & the 7 Galaxies
S1E10 - I Lee

Lee is Sindbad's android friend, but without the intervention of a monster fish with a huge head, the fourth member of the team might have been Receptobot BH 2249. Education: Good things can happen from adversity which you can't necessarily control.
to 7:00pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E23 - Lost in Transpotation
to 7:13pm
Zo Zo Zombie
S1E08 - Its Raining Donuts

Zo Zo Zombie chronicles the adventures of the bizarre Zo Zo Zombie as he tries to do some good in the world with his best friend Isamu. Zo Zo is the undead champion of the underdog who somehow always ends up butt-deep in comedic chaos!
to 7:26pm
S1E01 - Enter the Dragamonz

We meet Dax, a passionate battler who dares to go where he shouldn’t. But at what cost?
to 7:30pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E18 - Chop Sokey Shoppy
to 7:52pm
Chaotic Chapter 2
S1E22 - ChaotiKings

This hot shot group calling themselves the ChaotiKings asks Kaz to join. Thrilled Kaz accepts but while putting him and Tom in between a rift. Can Kaz survive the ChaotiKings initiation.
to 8:00pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E20 - A Very Taxing Cab
to 8:24pm
Future Card Buddyfight X Pack 1
S1E26 - Guru vs. Wisdom! The Shocking Geargod VIII!

Zanya and Jin put it all on the line in a Katana World semifinal showdown hoping to advance to the A.B.C. Cup main event; Gao and the gang search for Akatsuki, as he may hold a clue to Genma and Doai`s whereabouts; Sophia reveals a truth.
to 8:30pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E01 - Choco Donkey Battle
to 8:55pm
Future Card Buddyfight Hundred
S1E15 - Ninja Showdown! Byakuya VS Tsukikage!!

Nanomachine Ninja Showdown! Byakuya VS Tsukikage!!
to 9:00pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E02 - Outta Toilet Paper
to 9:23pm
Tenkai Knights Book 2
S1E52 - Lone Wolf / And, Beginning

With the Tenkai Wolf awakened, Bravenwolf gains a new power and destroys the two Tenkai Dragons with ease giving the others the ability to transform into Titan Mode again. However this doesn't concern Vilius as he forces a Mega Fusion with the Corrupted Guardians against their will to become Vilius Ultra Guardian Mega Fusion. Meanwhile Beag heads to the human world to stop Granox and Slyger from destroying the Anti-Brickification device.
to 9:30pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E24 - Taxi on my Backsy
to 9:52pm
Redakai: Conquer the Kairu S2
S2E25 - The End of the Shadow- Part 1

Ky and Ekayon will go together to find the Prism Kairu (the antidote) and will find a cave(where the Prism Kairu is). Maya and Boomer will search for them, but a new tournament will start (without Ky and Ekayon), because Team Hiverax took the Kairu Cube. Team Stax will battle Team Imperiaz, and Team Hiverax vs. Team Radikor. the winners are Team Stax and Team Radikor, but the Tournament is interrupted by Lokar.
to 10:00pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S1E04 - Bacon Cake Day
to 10:24pm
Dex Hamilton
S1E21 - Say It Aint So

When Dex discovers that his childhood hero, laser ball champion Bobby Blitz, is using performance-enhancing Anabolic Tar Slugs, he must find a way to stop him before it becomes the addiction becomes fatal.
to 10:30pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E26 - Lost and Unfounded
to 10:53pm
Chilly Beach
S2E39 - Chilly Beach We Have a Problem

The US Government needs to get the media off his back because he was caught picking his nose. Katherine gives the government an idea to fake a Pluto landing on the out skirts of Chilly Beach. Frank stumbles upon the "Pluto Landing" site and is mistaken for an alien. Katherine tells Frank that he'll be a part of a "secret" space mission, that no one shall know about. He then figures out the truth later on and Abbie helps Frank escape.
to 11:00pm
Yam Roll - Shorts
S1E28 - Counter Intelligence
to 11:23pm
Chilly Beach
S2E40 - Fortune Kookie

Jacques becomes the town counselor after receiving psychic powers from an electric shock.
to 11:30pm
Zo Zo Zombie - Shorts
S2E02 - Worlds Best Zombie Rocker
to 0:00am
Maple Shorts
S1E03 - Maple Shorts

Maple Shorts is hosted by a goose and a salmon. Canuckles is a cranky, conceited Canadian goose who wanted to direct but settled for being a critic instead. Sela the salmon is Canuckles` bubble-headed, sweet-natured co-host. Together, they critique each short film produced by Canadian animators which airs on the program.